Legends & Loot

The Halls of Jelasco

part the second

Serafine’s healing song caused ominous rumbles throughout the lost city as the party headed into the time of Amdin. Passing the remains of an apparent digging crew, they headed into the antechamber where they encountered a colossal stone avatar of the dead emperor, who came to life, demanding “the singer of the song must return what was stolen.”

Sensing that this meant the amulet, they attempted to barter and return it, only to be rebuffed and attacked. Some quick thinking allowed Cypress’ owl companion to reinstall the amulet on the statue’s chest, deactivating it and opening the door to Amdin’s tomb (but not before Wulfa found himself punted out of the chamber and into the valley below).

Entering the tomb, the party found the emperor’s sarcophagus open and most of his treasure already looted. Pinned to the mummy’s chest was a mysterious note:

“My brothers, I fear we have made a terrible mistake, for the forces with which we deal are beyond our control. And so I have removed the Axe of Conquest to a place of safekeeping from which I hope it is never recovered. I ask not for pardon as I know there is none, and I await your vengeance. Signed: Schmedrick.”

In the remaining treasure the party found a strange magic book and a box of chocolate eggs.


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