Legends & Loot

The Halls of Jelasco

part the first

(Cypress awakens with a start from a dream in which a strange gyroscopic orb rolls up to Wulfa in the desert, foreshadowing something).

Having slogged through the mountains and braved the treacherous desert, our party finally arrived at the fabled Lost City of Jelasco, hewn into the living rock of a tall cliff formation. After navigating the cavernous streets of the dead city, they finally reached the tomb of Amdin, legendary king of the East, who repelled the invading hordes of goat-riding barbarians from the Southwest and wrested the very Axe of Conquest from the hands of their leader Malthus (one of Wulfa’s ancestors).

There they were greeted by a pair of unfriendly Dust Devils and a smart mouthed talking statue, and pursued by an unseen shambling horror before reaching the antechamber of the royal tomb and defeating a squad of mummified bodyguards. Having fallen in battle, Cypress made a Deal with Death before being revived by the magical music of Serafine. But the song seemed to cause strange and unsettling rumbles throughout the halls…


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